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It is with great pride that we announce Wynfield Christian Academy’s Class of 2015’s Valedictorian and Salutatorian selections. These students are both high examples of integrity and academic excellence. They each are poised to do great service for their Lord, Jesus Christ, in whatever service He calls them.

Congratulations to each of these students. We at Wynfield Christian Academy are proud of them and salute their parents and them for a job well done.

Valedictorian: Nicholas Christian Ricks
Salutatorian: Kaitlin Rose LoForti

Most homeschoolers seem to understand the importance of music. They obviously believe the many studies showing that music instruction raises intelligence scores and impacts life and academic scores, especially math. How can I say this? Go to any homeschool talent show or graduation, and you will see many students playing various instruments. Some of the students actually learn to play several instruments. If homeschooling parents picked up on music, how come they missed it with art?

Most homeschooling moms avoid art as much as possible. They often feel overwhelmed with so many other subjects that they feel they can’t add anything else, or they just use art to fill time or as crafts for gifts and seasonal activities. If they do happen to be tuned in enough to know the importance of art on young students’ minds, they feel serious instruction is beyond their expertise. Community or college art classes, though wonderful, are often beyond their budgets.

Now there is an answer to their dilemma with Spears Art Studio. With curriculum levels of K-8 and high school from a Biblical world view, serious art instruction becomes doable. Do not fear. It can still be fun for your students. To begin, the creator, Diane Spears, an artist with an Ed.D in Christian Education, provides an article with plenty of documentation, information, and explanation for the importance of serious art instruction. Ms. Spears did a good job making the case. I knew of much of the information and documentation and agree with her list of conclusions.

 In terms of lesson plans, the detail is thorough and easy to follow regardless of the instructional level. She gives tips and background information that is very useful to the teacher for preparation in presenting the material to one child, multiple children, and multiple ages within each curriculum. The materials needed are listed clearly, so you can plan ahead. Some items might seem difficult to find or may even be unknown. I emailed around and found a local college willing to provide me with what I needed. A local craft store owner and a large chain store manager were willing to order them at cost plus tax. All places may not be willing to give a discount, but it certainly makes the job of gathering materials easier.

I tried several of the activities from both levels of curriculum, K-8 and high school, with some of my students from a young first grader to older high school students. Being DeafBlind and lacking any artistic ability, I was afraid it would be a disaster. The students loved it though. They read the instructions and guided my hands as we all made trees and sky and grass from one activity. We made multiple prints using the glass method, too. I was amazed at how well it worked. Younger students will need guidance, but I found that we could all work together with the instructions and materials to learn together. The ability with these lessons to make such sophisticated results really encouraged my students building such confidence in themselves. They were eager to do more.

Art is important and can be so much more than arts and crafts. Using Spears Art Studio found at is the perfect way to use art to impact your students’ minds and give them ways to fully express themselves, all while having loads of fun.




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