As Homeschoolers braving the forests of educating our children ourselves, there are often dark, scary areas where our children need help such as learning disabilities, deafblindness, attention problems, and speech problems to name a few. All too often we can’t afford the help provided by private groups and public schools may have less than stellar departments or reluctant to help despite special education guidelines mandating them to offer such services. A few specialists in certain fields now are offering their expertise to homeschoolers seeing an untouched market waiting to be tapped. One specialist in the field of speech and language pathology, Deborah Lott has developed a tool to help parents assess their children’s speech and language development, as well as, help for minor issues that can be done by the parent at home. The result is Super Star Speech: Speech Therapy Made Simple.

To begin with, Ms Lott stated accurately who this book is for: children with just a few minor articulation issues. The book was not intended for children with major language delays or language problems such as stuttering or for children with a physical problem such as hearing impairment, cleft palate, or cerebral palsy. For those children, Ms. Lott highly recommends diagnosis and remediation be done by a trained speech-language pathologist. The program is begun with an articulation assessment that is easy to administer and evaluate. The tools are simple and easy to see without having distracting elements. During analysis of the initial test, complete instructions are given that are easy to follow in order for you to identify the specific sounds your child has difficulty. Therapy plans are also well described and easy to develop including day to day lesson plans that are individual for each child. There are no specific lesson plans for you to follow. You have to develop them for your individual child because every child’s needs are different; however, Ms. Lott’s detailed steps of instruction make the process easy to follow. She provides specific sound instructions including the correct way to make the sound with proper placement of the tongue, movement of the lips, etc. Steps are given to help you teach the child to perform the necessary movements to produce the sound correctly. There is a word list for each sound to allow for thorough and appropriate practice. Games and activities have also been provided to make the learning fun.

Super Star Speech seems to be a good tool for helping children with minor articulation issues. The printed book costs $22.95 for 3-ring binder, $18.95 for a spiral bound, and $12.95 for an E-book version. For a limited time, my readers can get readers a 20% discount on this or any of the other books from The discount code, which will be good until June 30, is “TOS.” The peace of mind for many parents will make the cost of the program more than worth it.

I received a free copy of the spiral bound book, Super Star Speech: Speech Therapy Made Easy, to evaluate and write this review. I received no other compensation, and the opinion expressed here is entirely my own.