Those of us with vision problems or physical issues know the usefulness of a book holder. Book holders, though, are cumbersome and bothersome most of the time. When not in use, they are sitting in the way and getting knocked over. You never want to take them with you because they are just so bulky and odd-shaped that they are difficult to carry around. They are only useful when you are actually reading a book and need it sitting up right to accommodate our reading difficulties or held without the use of hands. Most sighted people are not fond of book holders because they just don’t realize the benefits while you read or study. Now there is a book holder that will catch their interest, I bet. This book holder will tickle the fancy of those of us with vision problems and physical issues, too. This is the StudyPod. It is more than just a book holder.

StudyPod is actually shaped like a book that is big enough to hold most books of varying sizes, but small enough to fit in your pack. The best thing is that it is designed to carry items like pens, paper, , calculator, magnifiers, contrast film guides, etc. With the StudyPod being made of sturdy plastic, your electronic and glass items will be much safer inside than just thrown in your pack. Even if you don’t carry a pack, and prefer to hold your books in your arms, the StudyPod being the approximate size and shape of a book will fit nicely in your stack of books making it comfortable to carry along with you.

Carrying it is easy, but what do sighted people need to know about the benefits of a StudyPod. Reading a book is much easier on the body if the book is held more upright. You keep your neck and back at a comfortable angle as you read closer to eye level. Studying is much easier, too, with the desk area less cluttered without the open book and notebook scattered across the area. The book held in a StudyPod is kept in a smaller place on the table within comfortable reading distance allowing the student to write notes or answers on a notebook or paper directly in front of them. A well-organized study area leads to a well-organized mind best suited for learning as an old adage used to proclaim. The StudyPod helps give you the perfect study area that can lead to good grades.

StudyPod comes in three colors: black, blue, and pink. The company also has the same product branded as BookPod to market to a more general audience than just students. The BookPod comes in black, gray, and beige. That definitely gives you some variety, although I hope they will eventually add red which is the last color that many people with certain eye diseases can see. I am sure some teens would like purple and lime-green as they like to express themselves.

The book holder is pretty simple to use, and the website has a video to show how you set it up to hold a book. Of course, this is only helpful for the sighted folks. I had to get help learning how to do it the first time which is a bit more difficult, since I am DeafBlind. Within just a few minutes though, I was sliding the stand bar out, and opening it, and placing the book on the pod and turning pages like a pro.

You can find out more about the StudyPod and the BookPod at . One unit is $19.95, and you can purchase two or more at the discounted price of $16.95. A great price that helps me to declare that finally I can get a book holder that is actually useful in more ways than one.