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And they’re off! You can soon hear that in your household when students fall in love with The Quarter Mile Math software program where they can challenge themselves and their family members to a good race. Parents will be happy because they will be improving their math skills.
Math is a subject that needs a lot of practice, and motivating students to practice is difficult. This software helps to make that practice fun. Students can compete against their own progress record because the software saves the top five performances and uses those to create virtual competitors. Or, they can race against other students, siblings, or even Mom and Dad which is way more fun, of course. Either way your students are improving their math skills at any grade level from Kindergarten to ninth grade. The concepts are covered from numbers to fractions to percents, to equations covering almost every topic within each concept you can find.
Enjoyable practice is what they will get with this program. The graphics are simple and in a lower resolution making them large and bold for even my low vision students. The problems pop up below the racers which can be chosen as race cars or horses. The problems are bold and large making them easily legible for many low vision users. Parents have two options to purchase this grade program. If you have internet access, the Deluxe version comes with student progress tracking and includes all levels from K-9th. They have three payment options for this subscription based program of $2.95 per family per month, $19.95 per family for one year, and $34.95 per family for two years. There is also a Standard CD version that is $39.95 per level. The internet is not necessary here, but it does not track progress automatically for your student. You can, however, save progress manually for each day worked. However, it can be loaded on multiple computers, so that your students can play at different times. They can’t race together, but they can compare their progress to fuel the enthusiasm. For tips and helps, they have a website with a special homeschoolers section with Getting Started information, printable progress chart, and a user’s forum. They also send out an email newsletter loaded with additional tips and information.

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