Finally there is a homeschool manual!
Have you ever wished there were some instructions to homeschooling your child? Now Terri Johnson of Knowledge Quest, Inc. has done just that with her Homeschooling ABC’s. In approximately 26 lessons (I wonder why?), she helps you find a curriculum, set up your classroom, write lesson plans, do labs, find resources, give assessments, evaluate your student’s progress, and your school year with other special topics along the way. You can’t find a better set of suggestions anywhere much less in one place.
The lessons are all in .pdf format easily read by Adobe Reader which is a free download. Ms. Johnson writes clearly and dynamically to give any new homeschooler the confidence they need to begin their first year, but she has so much good information and helpful hints that even an experienced homeschooler will learn a thing or two! Following the guidelines is easy. She has also provided many resources and given many helpful hints on how to find your own as the years go by.
We at Wynfield Christian Academy were so impressed that we have added it to our required Parent/Mentor Development classes for beginning homeschoolers enrolling in our umbrella program. We are also making it available for credit for our other more experienced homeschoolers simply because it is full of such good, useful information.
If you want to reduce the stress of your homeschooling life, check out