Have you got the Spelling blues? Many parents and students dread spelling. That usually is because there is so much drill involved. Well, I have found a new tool to put in the arsenal. SpellQuizzer! It is a great way to bone up on those spelling words each week.
SpellQuizzer uses little sound byte recordings to help your student practice the spelling words from any subject. The teacher can also set it up to do the tests at the end of the week with the typical say the word, use it in a sentence, and repeat the word. Now spelling can be done almost independently by any age student if needed. The sound recording is actually a really good length. You can pack a lot of words in that little byte. Downloading the program and installing it was quick and easy. There is also a great update button to get free updates when they are available. The most recent one even lengthened the length of your recordings’ maximum. You can edit your spelling lists and randomize how they are given to the student, too.
I set up different activity files for my different students. There was a testing file and a regular quiz file for each set of words. I was able to name these files in a way the student could identify his file for practice or test time. I also set up a couple of different quizzing features, too. Each one quizzed the spelling, but I also recorded using the definition of the word in the recording or a sentence to help the student review both spelling and vocabulary during his practice time. No, the quizzer doesn’t grade the sentence or vocabulary in quiz mode, but for practice the repetition helps them remember any kind of fact or definition you might want to use. You could have the student write the sentence or definition on paper for later grading if you like to incorporate that in your weekly tests, though. I also let my older students create their own spelling lists including recording the words, sentences, and/or definitions, too, to give further practice while creating the lists for later drill. For some students, this could be a regular way to help them learn their spelling and vocabulary for all of their subjects. They practice and get graded on spelling while recording their own definitions after looking them up in the dictionary or practice using them in sentences correctly.
This is a neat little program and can be purchased and downloaded for a small price of $29.98. You will also find free spelling lists you can download and import into your SpellQuizzer. One I downloaded was U. S. States and Mottos. The spelling of the state’s name was graded, but the recording also pronounced the name, gave a state fact, and stated the motto. The text that can be written for the student to see as a reminder phrase was a fact or the motto. You can create lists using similar features including a statement for the student to see on the screen. These features give you flexibility in what your lists can teach.
SpellQuizzer is a great tool to use to help your students learn to spell words and learn in all their subjects. The software is a small package, but it can pack a lot of teaching for your student. Their web site is http://www.spellquizzer.com.