Are you struggling with teaching math like Algebra II, or does your struggling teen need a basic math quick review? Most of you have probably seen the ones that are curriculum specific such as Saxon Dive CD’s, or Bob Jones’s DVD’s. They are just fine, but if you aren’t using those curriculums, they won’t help much. Well, the MathTutor DVD’s are great for just these kinds of times.
The instructor for the entire product line is Jason Gibson. He isn’t a teacher, but he is a mathematician in all ways with a Master’s in Electrical Engineering and a Master’s in Physics. Jason knows how to bring real-life application into the classroom. His no-nonsense, straight to the point style is refreshing for most students, especially those who are math weary and really want to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Jason gives step-by-step instructions working through easy problems to fully explain the concepts. He then works through numerous problems progressively getting to the hard-core problems. He is very capable of teaching complex topics in a short amount of time. He doesn’t use any textbook, so the student can view the material regardless of the curriculum to gain a better perspective of the concepts. These are the reasons that make these products so good for many students of all ages. They can be used for first time teacher-approached lecture for curriculums that do not have a video component. They can be used by struggling students, and students who need a quick review for any reason.
The subjects covered in these series include basic math and basic math word problems. There are fractions and Algebra I and II. You will find geometry, trig, calculus and even Advanced Calculus. There is also statistics and Physics. The best thing about these series is that they are affordable. Prices range from $26.99 for most topics to $49.99 for Calculus 3: Volume 2. This makes great help easy to come by.
Now anyone can hire that math tutor and feel confident that success is only a few hours away.
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