Do you have a special kid? A kid that has some special learning needs? If so, you have probably spent a lot of time and money getting resources to use to help your child learn easier. I know I have both as a parent and a special education teacher. In fact, I have access to companies that many homeschoolers have never heard of, but the resources can be very expensive. I now have the site that works for me, and you will pleasantly surprised at the diversity and affordability of products.

Heads Up! Is a special needs company that provides many different types of resources for all kinds of special kids. You will find pressure blanket toys for autistic children, various colored reading frames for low vision and learning disabled children, self-stimulatory prevention aids, etc. The products are all very affordable and durable. Most products from other places tend to be very costly and more suitable in a professional therapist’s office. The products of Heads Up! are durable, but are simply made to be easy to use and more affordable.

I was provided many of the colored frames which have different colored transparent films to lay over the written page. Students with all kinds of problems find specific colors for their issues that make reading the printed word easier by cutting glare, providing contrast, etc. All of my students enjoyed trying the different frames to find one they felt helped them the most. Even my regular education students without learning or vision difficulties found that a certain color reduced the glare helping them to read longer without tiring their eyes. Several even picked out some games and computer software they want to try from the Heads Up! catalog which is overflowing with so many diverse products.

To help you with all of your students’ needs, go to