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I never would have dreamed that piano could be more than banging and noisy clanging for a two year old. Kinderbach Music has changed the tune for me. The founder, Karri Gregor, who claims to have a little music background has developed an amazing music instruction program that preschoolers love and really does give them a foundation in music that can be used to go as far as the child wants in the future .
Imagine your preschooler playing music within the first minutes of using this great program based on DVDs, activity sheets, and plain ‘ole fun. Music is easy to learn this way, and it is the perfect foundation for building math, reading, and writing skills later, as well as, additional music instruction. Music has long been known to improve intelligence and thinking skills across the curriculum spectrum. Now it can be done for preschoolers in a way they can understand using characters rather than notes. Kinderbach teaches rhythm, sound discrimination, ear training, and hand position using these characters and catchy songs and activities. It even teaches basic music theory, too, by using patterns such as “same step” and “step by step”. Rhythm and beat are taught with ideas such as walk for a note and beat bugs counting the time. It may sound crazy to adults, but preschoolers love these crazy ideas. They will want to listen to each lesson over and over again.
With over 300 sessions, approximately two years of instruction, Kinderbach is well worth the price ($217.75 for a complete home package of all lessons and materials or online instruction at $85.95) and the effort. Even better is the fact that you don’t have to know music to teach your child with Kinderbach. Put in the DVDs, follow the instructions, and play with your child. That is really all there is to it. All the activity sheets are done in conjunction with watching the DVD, so your child learns right along with the various fun characters on screen.
I highly recommend this wonderful program to bring the love of music to your preschooler. Try the free online lessons at to get hooked on Kinderbach just like we did. At Wynfield, we are now hearing sweet tunes in the preschool department.

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