Have you ever felt like your student needed a new thinking cap? I know I have with mine. Things that seem so simple to me, and I thought should have been even to them, just wasn’t getting through. Did they outgrow their caps? Well, I wish it were that simple. The Critical Thinking Co. might have some help, though. They have work texts designed to get your student thinking in the right directions.
The series called Building Thinking Skills has levels beginning, primary, levels 1 and 2, and level 3 in two books of figural and verbal taking the student from beginning levels to analogies in a spiral methodology. The texts build from level to level on shapes to food to animals to occupations to vehicles to buildings to analogies. Beginning and primary is completely based on figural analysis with level one beginning with figural and building to verbal analysis and response writing. The initial two levels use rich colors and color photography to show objects for the exercises. Levels 1 and above use crisp gray scale drawings, charts, and line art. Students find these tools easy to transition through as their thinking skills strengthen. Each level uses numerous types of exercises to focus on each skill and category. Even analogies are introduced and built upon in easy formats for each level making it simple for students to understand what an analogy is and how to complete them properly.
As supplements to your curriculums or as a stand-alone unit set during your day, this series should guide your students well in building their critical thinking skills. I guess we found a way to stretch those thinking caps after all.
Check them out at www.criticalthinking.com where you will find numerous other fine resources to round out your curriculum.