Do your students love to doodle? Do they show an artistic bent? Yes? No? It doesn’t matter with Crayola Art Studio. It is so easy and fun that your children will love making beautiful creations. The interface is so simple that most children can do some fun things with it on their own, but it isn’t just a simple drawing program like Windows Paint. Your student will be able to do some very complex creations with all the tools provided.

The tools are simple to use with actual pictures that look pretty much like the tool you would pick up from the table knowing exactly what it will do on paper. Click on the tool you want, and then click and hold on the drawing screen, and color will flow from your brush, marker, pencil, or whatever tool you use. The program does a beautiful job simulating most drawing and paint utensils including watercolor. There are stamp tools that can be easily placed and resized are cute and adorable from just about every category possible. You can choose to make squares, circles, or ray bursts, squiggly lines, straight lines, or whatever your mind can dream. My favorite is the symmetry tool. You can make faces that are the same on each side, draw identical pictures on top and bottom, left and right, or all at the same time. You don’t have to repeat your drawings, and it is perfect every time. Now that is what I call cool! The price is cool, too, at $24.95.

Turn your kids on to Crayola Art Studio. Let their imaginations run wild. This is a paint program that can keep up with any child.

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