Remembering the states getting your students down? Introduce them to Mim! Who is Mim? Why he is the Man in the map who spends his time showing students how to remember where all those states are located. Blank maps should not leave your mind blank, too. Author, E. Andrew Martonyl, was looking for ways to help children remember how to find the states of the U. S. In looking for a new angle, he saw a way to use the shapes of the states and rhymes to help children get past this tedious activity with a smile on their faces.

The story is quick and melodic getting you caught up in the rhymes. The colorful pictures, illustrated by Ed Olsen, are the key to the method as the rhymes build on their foundation to give you all the tools you need to learn the states and their places. Beginning with the whimsical Mim in the center of the map, the author depicts in words as the illustrator draws in lines and color the hat, face, shirt, pants, and boots of this lovable character with the state shapes of Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, and Louisiana while Kansas becomes his backpack and Nebraska whispers in his ear. From there, the rhymes lead you through the different regions to find Mim’s chair, cup, table and legs, a flashlight with its base, and the dog chewing on a mitten extended from its arm. You find that Mim is looking at Wisconsin’s cheese while Illinois honks his nose as North and South Dakota hold his hat so tall. Behind Mim, the elves and elf-guards stand tall with the tempting waters nearby. Remembering the states and their places becomes easy with these active and comical descriptions. It is so easy that I just remembered all of those details with only two readings of the book.

Most students will have these details etched onto their mental map in no time. Those who struggle still will find it to be a magical introduction to the states and the use of mnemonic devices to remember tricky details. Students can always write their own rhymes and find their own shapes. Regardless to how you use this book during your geography studies of the states, The Little Man in the Map from Schoolside Press is sure to delight.

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