Books are things that most homeschoolers love and can’t seem to have enough of in their home library. The right books at the right price are difficult to find, though. Most of us are looking for quality books that are grounded in biblically-based values. Homeschool Library Builder (HSLB) is a web site founded by homeschooling parents to do just that for you.

As stated in their tag line of “Fill your library without emptying your wallet”, the HSLB site is definitely where you can find new and used copies of all the books you need to operate your homeschool. The web site is organized very well. You can search by category, site specials, title, curriculum, fiction, nonfiction, picture books, and many other categories. If you can’t find a book, they can search for it for you, as well, which is often a tedious process. That is a wonderful service.

If you actually join which is free, you can get some great benefits. One is, as a member, every purchase earns you book points. You earn a book point for every dollar that you spend. Fifteen book points will give you one dollar in your account toward future purchases. That is a pretty good deal. Many other sites have worse reward deals than that.

In addition to the Frequent Buyer Program, HSLB families also use their site for other purposes for the benefit of their members. They facilitate fundraising, marketing for small, homegrown products of members, and charity donations through special book purchases. If you want to raise funds for your homeschool association or other organization, they have a program that doesn’t put your organization’s money at risk or even involve your group ordering. You may have a new product that you need to market, but being small that can be very expensive if not impossible. HSLB has a free service that allows you to advertise in their monthly newsletter that reaches a wide audience around the world. There isn’t a better way to get that new business off the ground. Probably one of the best member benefits is charity fundraising. They have special selections of books that the proceeds go to certain charitable needs. Recently, they members raised money for an autistic boy who needed a service dog. You get a great book and help someone out that might not get help from anywhere else. With all these benefits, membership is truly a reward.

HSLB is a really great site to get all of your families library needs. Check them out at and if you like it, don’t forget to sign up as a member for free!