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Great fun is to be had while learning about the greatest story ever told. The One 2 Believe Nativity figurine set is a beautiful tool for young children and even adults  to play and learn about the Christmas story. The play set is boldly colored and made of durable, but slightly flexible plastic. Preparing to present it to my seven year old DeafBlind student, I took each piece with my own hands and felt each piece carefully. Without working eyes and ears, I was an ideal testor for this activity. I only see some colors, so the variously colored pieces grabbed my attention. I ran my fingers across each piece feeling any tactile information that I could. I readily could tell the purpose of each figurine with the various outlines of a shepherd’s crook, treasure box, crown, headband, ram’s horn, and even Joseph’s beard to distinguish him from Mary. Aftewards, I did my best to act as a young DeafBlind child just learning how to access the world and banged the pieces on the table, yanked the star hard, and dropped the pieces onto the hardwood floor. Nothing broke, chipped, or bent. Some others of The Old SchoolHouse Crew have reviewed that they had pieces break, but those might have had defective plastic from manufacturing such as an air bubble inside a piece making it easy to fracture. Fortunately, I found the set to be quite durable.

Upon presenting it to my precious student who I love almost as much as my own, I signed in ASL with his hands laying on top of mine the pupose of each piece. He shuddered with excitement as I signed and placed gently in his hands the baby Jesus. He signed, ” Jesus, baby” gleeming with delight. As I was touching his hands to “read” his words, he raised  to his mouth the  hand with Jesus cradled in it and kissed it gently. Together, we signed the story of Baby Jesus and placed the pieces in the stable and around it as we went.  We signed the colors of each piece and practiced the signs for angel and mama and Daddy and learned the new signs for shepherd and king. This sweet child was enthralled in making the scene come alive.

As you can see, the nativity was a success. Several of my other students who are older also found the set enticing. I left it on the table as they entered. They all went straight to it and began to look and play with the pieces. I used it as an opportuntiy to teach signs to my non-signing students and learn if they believed in Jesus in a non-threatening way. My school is Christian and most of my homeschoolers profess to be Christian, but not all of my on-site students do. The nativitiy became a great witnessing tool as well as a learning tool. The One 2 Believe Nativity is a great way to put Christ first this Christmas in a world that is becoming so commercialized and secular.

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Here’s a new easy way to raise money for Wynfield Christian Academy and DeafBlind Hope. Just start using Yahoo! powered as your search engine, and they’ll donate a penny to your favorite cause every time you do a search! In addition, do all of your shopping through their online shopping mall,, where you can shop at more than 700 top online retailers and a percentage of your purchases will go to the charity or school of your choice. You pay the same price as you normally would, but a donation goes to your cause!

Here’s the web site — You can also read about GoodSearch in the NY Times, Oprah Magazine, CNN, ABC News and the Wall Street Journal.

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