The Old School House Magazine has been producing an excellent print magazine for many years. It is a beautiful, full-color magazine filled with great product reviews, timeless homeschooling and life tips, and curriculum information. Now the staff of The Old School House has brought that same magazine into the digital world, so you have the choice.

The magazine opens on your desktop with a tutorial page that explains the various navigation symbols and how to use them. There are several ways to “flip” through your magazine or search to find a specific topic. The navigation bar at the top of the screen gives you a logo for The Old School House that you can click on to go straight to their web site. Next to that logo are tape recorder or VCR type navigational buttons for previous page, next page, first page, and last page for simple flipping page to page or jumping to the front or to the end. To the right of those buttons, you will find a menu bar similar to the one on your web browser where you click on the word to bring up a list of options. The menu items available are contents, pages, search, links, and settings. The menu boxes stay viewable and usable until you click the “X” for close in the top right corner. The menu boxes can be moved around the screen as well, so you can see the magazine pages when you need to access the information for use in choosing the option or typing in search information. In addition, the box is slightly transparent to allow you to see the page under the box enough to be of help, but not enough to affect the readability of the menu options. This is a really neat feature to have. The only menu item that differs from this is the “pages” item. Clicking on the “pages” menu gives you a page of fairly large thumbnail pictures of each page in the magazine. You can scan the thumbnails to find the page you want and click on it. You then automatically “flip” to that page. The “contents” menu gives you the Table of Contents listing articles or sections of the magazine. You click on the section to turn to that area of the magazine. The “search” is a simple search feature for items in the magazine. You can customize it some. The “links” menu is a great feature. You click “links” to bring up a box that lists the various links on the current page to readily click and access that link’s web site, or you can check the “show all links” box to see all of the magazine’s links. You can also use this “links” menu when on the thumbnail pages to quickly choose a page that has the links you are looking for on it. Click a page and the menu box automatically updates for the links on that page. In this fashion, you don’t have to change the view to allow for easier reading of the page to scan for the link. Finally, the “settings” menu item gives you a page to choose settings for the e-book such as one or two page viewing, standard and magnified text size, page turning speeds, etc. Check this page out quickly after opening the digital magazine to customize your viewing. Another cute feature is the page turning. It really looks like you are turning the pages of a print magazine. In fact, the wonderful color and eye-catching design and format are identical to The Old School House’s print magazine almost giving you that feeling of curling up in a comfy chair with a magazine to read.

Well, you can’t quite curl up with this magazine, but if you aren’t familiar with The Old School House, this is a good way to introduce yourself. The magazine is jam-packed with good information and uplifting articles to help beginning and experienced homeschoolers with their journey of educating children.

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